Changing Forms of Land, Water and Atmosphere



I have been painting landscapes and abstract landscapes in oil and acrylic for decades. Stylistically the paintings ranged from semi-realistic impressionism to totally abstracted images.  Over the past two years I have been moving towards totally abstract imagery. That progression to abstraction has proved to be a cathartic experience where gesture and colour dominate in the new images.

Great artists from the past have played an influential role in my creative process. Connections to twentieth century abstract expressionism and Canadian abstract painters are often palpable in my abstract work.

My abstract images begin with gestural drawings that establish the foundation of the image. The creation of a patina of marks, colour choices and scrapings and scribbles are carefully considered, thereby creating a unified and moving image.

The meaning or sense of recognition in the painting is left for the viewer although the titles supply psychological points of entry or clues to my personal connection to the images. To me, the paintings are distillations of mass media images and current events as well as personal memories and photographs.