Changing Forms of Land, Water and Atmosphere



I have been painting landscapes and abstract landscapes for decades. Stylistically the paintings ranged from semi-realistic impressionism to totally abstracted images. I have a tendency to paint from the heart and that has helped create the mood in my work.  Over the past two years I have been moving towards totally abstract imagery. That process has provided a cathartic creative experience where gesture and colour dominate.

Great artists from the past have played an influential role in my creative process. Connections to abstract expressionism and the Automatistes are especially evident in my current work.

Chance plays a large part in the genesis of my paintings. The images begin with gestural drawings that establish the foundation of the image.  I use a variety of tools from traditional artists brushes and palette knives to whatever is at hand to make the sort of mark or surface required. The marks, colour choices and the scrapes and scribbles are at some point carefully considered, the goal being a unified and moving image.

The finished paintings derive from photographs, mass media images and events, and personal memories. I will have achieved my goal if the viewer is engaged on a visual level and also on an emotional or spiritual level.